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Wealth Management with Your Goals in Focus. We are proud members of the following organizations: American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California, NAIA, Native American Investment Advisors, Lake Forest, CA Chamber of Commerce. The word "longhouse" describes the traditional type of home Mohawk Indians used in the past. Made of saplings and large sheets of elm tree bark, the longhouse provided protection from the snowy winters and hot summers endemic to Upstate New York and Southeast Canada. Longhouses were also built together to form communities of clans and some housed up to 20 families in each longhouse.  As a farming people, Mohawks needed a place to store their tools, harvested foods and a place of rest. Our founder, Dean Ferraro, is a member of the Kanienkehaka, or in English, the St Regis Mohawk Tribe of Akwesasne near Cornwall, Ontario & Akwesasne, NY. He decided that our company would be a place to protect our clients from the dangers of the stock market and keep their investments safe from undue risk and expenses. Longhouse Wealth Management protects its clients just like the families in the longhouse. The word "long" is also appropriate. Longhouse doesn't advocate active management and holds true to long-term, passive investment mangement principles. We invest for the LONG term.

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