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Deals coming soon!

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Aroma - A Family Pizza Joint in Lake Forest

Mr. Haidrey’s story is what the American dream is made of. Coming as a refugee from the war-stricken country of Afghanistan with less than $50 in his pocket, he took the journey to the US, determined to make his dream of becoming a business owner come true. Working as a shuttle driver at the airport and supported by his family, he established himself over time, when an opportunity presented itself where he was able to build a restaurant from scratch. Nothing more than bare walls in the beginning, the effort of creating something from nothing was far greater than him and his family could possibly imagine. After a delay from June 2018 to November that same year, Said and his family finally finished and turned those bare walls into what is now Aroma Pizza & Pasta.

Now,  the Haidreys welcome you to their home, where they provide you top service with food made from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. Whether it be lunch or dinner they are happy to have you as their guests.

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This locally owned pizza parlor hits the spot. They have a dozen lunch deals that put more food in your stomach and keep more money in your pocket.
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