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DOG PARTIES help you celebrate your pooch’s birthday, training graduation or any special occasion with their neighborhood friends and buddies. Parties start the moment we greet your guests and can include a festive theme décor, delicious doggie treats, and interactive games. Plus much more!

PLAY DATES are much more than just walking your pooch. We make sure that they stay active during their entire session. Utilizing our specially designed mini agility set, we keep them engaged and physically challenged moving in, around and through objects to encourage quick decisions, fluid movement, and active stimulation. Plus other activities so you’re best friend isn’t bored. Play dates are notorious for animal selfies too. Pups have too much fun and can’t help but share their day away with their owners. We know that every dog, from puppies to seniors deserve a strong, vigorous lifestyle to stay in good mental and physical shape. We take pride, with our events, to help your pooch stay alert, agile and happy.

DOG SITTING We know your dog misses you so we provide a loving, caring environment during our stay. We offer one-on-one time with your dog, plenty of physical activity so he/she is stimulated and not bored throughout the day. Our service includes plenty of companionships, a brisk walk, fresh food, and water. We even clean up after your pup outside, and provide home-sitting services such as watering plants, bringing in the mail, newspapers, and daily doors and window checks. And let’s not forget the daily selfies, sent directly to your email or phone so you have proof your pup is doing great while you’re away! And of course, we’ll bring the snacks! 

DOG WALKING helps promote sound wellness and physical stimulation for your special friend while you’re away. Excellent for those who work a distance away from home, long hours at work and are unable to walk their dogs/puppies! We will pick up your dog, provide them with a 30 minute or hour walk, once or twice a day whatever your requirement is and provide fresh water. We always provide snacks at the end of our walk!

CAT SITTING Excellent for those who need someone to take care of their feline while going on vacation! We will come to your house and provide them with 30 minutes of loving care, including affection and playtime (if your cat desires), fresh food, water and of course snacks! Of course, we also scoop and clean your kitty litter box to keep your kitty and home clean and fresh. We know your cat misses you so we go the extra mile to ensure your cat extra affection while we are there.

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