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We believe that with the right team, the right price and the right products, your perfect salon experience should just fall into place — like the perfect cut. We prove it every day.

In July 1974, Sam Ross opened the first Fantastic Sams® beauty salon in Memphis, Tennessee, with the goal of creating an affordable salon experience that was accessible to everyone. Today, we are one of the world’s largest full-service hair care salons, with 1,100 locations throughout North America.

Whether you’re looking for great salon color, salon services for men, or simply a fuss-free affordable haircut, Fantastic Sams delivers every time. The reason for that success? It begins with a team of people who know how to make you look and feel fantastic. And it continues long after your visit, with products you can count on to keep your hair looking great.

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almost 3 years
Peter Coppola Keratin Treatment
Why should you apply the Peter Coppola keratin treatment to your hair?

Even though keratin protein is naturally found in your hair, you need more of it to make your hair healthier, shinier and stra ighter. The Peter Coppola keratin treatment can replace your lost keratin to straighten your hair and minimize frizz, making it look radiant and smooth.

Keratin treatments work by implanting keratin protein into your hair to make it look smooth and straight for several months. Peter Coppola products are formaldehyde-free compared to other products that may include formaldehyde, which is a chemical that can offer a more permanent outcome but is too aggressive and potentially harmful.
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almost 3 years
The Beginner's Guide to Voluminous Hair
Everyone loves when a long day comes to an end. We’re out of the office, on the way to a killer workout class, or maybe just taking a moment to decompress on the couch. One thing that’s not so great a bout the overly anticipated 5 o'clock hour? Fallen hair. We leave the house that morning, camera ready, with hair as high as the hills. Curls intact and volume that’s to die for. But somehow, over the course of a tiring workday, our glamorous look seems to escape us. More often than not, our hair ends up in a ponytail, neglected and yearning for attention. Thankfully, we have the insider’s buzz on how to achieve daily volume that is sure to last throughout the day.

Change up your part
Hair is prone to fall into a particular part. Whether this is the result of strenuous training to get that super edgy middle part or just the way your hair naturally falls, we all have a signature hair part. While a trademark look can be stunning, it often results in a lack of volume. Strands can get accustomed to their arrangement in a particular pattern, and gravity starts to take its toll. Combat this by modifying your usual part. Switching up the hair’s typical pattern adds volume to the crown and throughout the rest of the hair. For an extra touch? Add a bit of FS Shaping Spray to encourage the hair to hold throughout the day.

Change the way you blow dry
A daily routine generally involves a quick shower right as that alarm clock goes off. We rush to blow dry our hair as quickly as possible––and throwing back coffee as we go. As we brush through each section, it's unlikely that we realize how much volume is being lost. The key to attaining that beautiful voluminous texture is actually in the hand of the dryer. Flip the hair upside down and dry from the inside out. As you brush, hair will style against its normal path and create an unfaltering volume. Flip the hair over, part and style. It’s as simple as that. The end result is truly astonishing. With one, easily attainable step, you’ll get the body you have been yearning for. Finish with FS Volumizing Root Lifter for volume that holds until the night’s end.

Take a moment and sleep on it
As it turns out, the quickest way to achieve volume requires little to no effort whatsoever. To all of the last-minute ladies out there, we have a simple solution for all of your hair needs. Before you go to sleep, wrap the hair up in a tight, twisted bun. Gather hair at the crown of the scalp and twist until hair begins to coil. Wrap in a bun and secure with a hair elastic. Throughout the night, hair will naturally curl and shape itself. Remove the elastic in the morning, brush through, and add a touch of FS Finishing Spray for firm hold and shine.

Make a statement with your hairstyles by adding these easy volumizing techniques into your daily routine. Say “see ya” to tired tresses and “hello” to hair full of body and life.

Whichever hair products you choose to maintain your volume, make sure they are loaded with the healthiest ingredients for your hair.

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