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Bowl of Heaven Foothill Ranch is the place to visit when you want healthy and delicious acai bowls, smoothies, fresh juices and vegan offerings!

You may be asking yourself, what is an acai bowl? And you would not be alone. Since the beginning of last year, Google search trends for acai bowls have nearly QUADRUPLED! And it continues to rise. With clear competitive advantages of health and taste versus fro-yo and ice cream, it is easy to see why acai bowls will be the next big healthy trend... (not to forget our healthful fruit juices and smoothies!)

"Acai bowls look like cream, almost taste like ice cream, and make you feel good about your breakfast choice."

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Bowl of Heaven - Small Business Saturday Spotlight
Since the beginning of 2014, Google search trends for acai bowls have nearly quadrupled and continue to rise. With clear advantages of health and taste verses fro-yo and ice-cream, it is easy to see w hy acai bowls will be the next big healthy franchise trend. Bowl of Heaven serves the healthiest acai bowls, superfood smoothies, and fresh-pressed juices in the business. We recently sat down with Lorrie Rudolph, owner of the Foothill Ranch location, to find out more about her business:

Question & Answer

Tell me a little about your business? What makes it unique?
We serve healthy food options, including acai bowls, smoothies and fresh juice that are 100% delicious for all. Customers of all ages say our acai bowls are the best tasting in Orange County, and are perfect meals for breakfast, lunch, after sports and even dinner. Our menu offers dairy free, gluten free, as well as vegan options so everyone in the family can eat! Some of our most-popular acai bowls include: North Shore Original, Dan’s Peanut Butter, the Popeye (with spinach and kale), and my personal favorite, the Red Zinger (acai, raspberries, pineapple, mango, lime, ginger, topped with granola and shaved Belgian dark chocolate). We have a 3 year old customer who smiles each time she enjoys her Popeye Bowl, while announcing with glee she loves spinach! Other menu favorites include our fresh Green Glory juice with spinach, kale, lemon, apples and a Ginger Shot to top it off. The Ginger Shot has “zing,” and is popular with guests wanting to get some natural energy while staying healthy (and prevent or lessen a cold or flu bug).

How did you get involved in this industry?
I wanted to start a business, and since I have always loved making fresh vegetable juices at home, I started looking into fresh, all natural, healthy foods. I fell in love with acai bowls very quickly because of its appeal to a large audience, with a mix young and old, male and female….but most of all, my teenage daughters! When picking up my girls from school, I gave them the option of stopping for a burger or an acai bowl. An occasional burger is fine, but as a parent wanting your children to eat more healthy foods, an acai bowl is a delicious, nutrition-filled option that is easy to eat, and also something that could be enjoyed several times a week. I chose to franchise with Bowl of Heaven after tasting acai bowls from other companies; Bowl of Heaven had the best tasting menu around!

I’m a local housewife with a husband and two teenage daughters. We employ local high school, and college residents. We are a true local small business. Our mission is to delight, nourish and satisfy each guest in a way that creates loyalty and trust!

Why did you choose to locate in Lake Forest?
Our menu options appeal to guests looking for meals that make them feel great! I selected Foothill Ranch because of its mix of fitness (Etnies Skate Park, Lake Forest Sports Park, A4 & Saddleback Valley Volleyball Clubs, OC All Stars and the many hiking trails), business professionals, and local residents seeking convenient, delicious, and healthy meals. Everything on our menu is artesian, hand-made and customizable. Many of our guests love our call ahead service to enjoy their food on the go as we prepare their food before they arrive. Hungry customers can either call us at (949)616-9712 or use our Bowl of Heaven online app to order and pay ahead.

We love the Foothill Ranch/Lake Forest community and are fortunate with the warm welcome. We have many customers who come into the restaurant five times per week, and even had a customer who came during the day with his work team, and returned that evening with his wife and child for dinner. We opened September 19, 2015, and less than two months later we participated with over 20 local restaurants in the Taste of Lake Forest. Our dishes earned third place, a huge honor for a new business pitted up against many established and well-known restaurants. Some 4,000 guests attended the Taste of Lake Forest event that year!

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